2003 Photos

February in the snow
Little League in April
Trip to Boston, MA
Visting the Owens
Louis's Birthday at the China Buffet
Jill's Birthday
Passadena Talent Show
Louis' 8th Birthday
Memoprial Day in Class Louis' Little League trip to Shea Stadium
Jill's Suprise Birthday Dinner at Mario's
Louis's Little Leagure trip to Shea Stadium
Passadena School Picnic At the Plainview Pool
First day of 3rd Grade With GG Sherry in September
Rosh Hashanah w Grandma Renee Halloween
Dim Sum after Marion Parnes Unvieling With GG Sherry in November
Thanksgiving @ Aunt Carries GG Sherry's Birthday
Passadena Fute Concert    

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